NRICH Tutoring offers help in reading, writing, math in the Reading + Math Lab. General Tutoring in other subjects is available for all ages.
  • One-on-one tutoring and enrichment activities
  • Help with homework, organization, test prep
Tutoring for Homeschoolers 

Home-schooling students may schedule sessions during the school day, if convenient. 


Tutoring for Home-Bound Students

Students confined to home may schedule an in-home tutor.


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Adult Learner.jpg

Tutoring for Adult Learners can help with:

  • Reading and writing*

  • Basic math skills*

  • Learning English*

  • Completing GED (including new civics test requirement for Wisconsin residents completing the GED)

  • Taking citizenship test for naturalization

  • Preparing for work placement tests

  • Preparing for ASVAB (high school age+)

Reading and Writing Tutoring For Adults*

Reading and writing tutoring sessions for adult learners are available throughout the day in the Reading + Math Lab.

English Language Learners can benefit from tutoring sessions to get more comfortable with their use of the English language. Sessions are tailored to the individual needs - business, health care, or just general language or conversation.

*Within the Reading + Math Lab 


From a Professional Firefighter and Former Student:

I hired NRICH services in preparation for a civil service exam. I wasn’t sure if NRICH would be able to meet my specific learning needs as an adult learner. Dr Judie Harrington spent time tailoring my tutoring sessions specifically to meet my needs. Dr Harrington raised my aptitude in multiple subjects including: physics, math, and mechanical aptitude. Dr Harrington was very professional in her approach at a reasonable cost. She took ownership of each session keeping the instructional engaging and enriching. What was most impressive was that she was able to teach algebra to me in a mere two months’ timeframe. I had never taken any algebra classes throughout my educational career. Her tutoring was instrumental in elevating me to the top spot in my hiring process.

Contact Dr. Judie at NRICH Tutoring for a Free Consultation!*

*A free consultation is a conversation (15-30 minutes) by phone, email, Zoom, or in-person. Often, a first meeting (in-person or on Zoom) is followed by an evaluation of the student, which is billed for 1-2 sessions.