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Tuition Rates 

Tutoring 1:1, 45 minute session = $60

Payable with a monthly tuition installment plan, calculated per arranged schedule, due the first of the month.

The cost of tutoring includes not only the time spent with each learner but also preparation time by an educator with specialized training and certification. 

Tutoring is an investment in your child's future. Like all the activities we get our children involved in, it does take time and money. Our tutors are all highly-qualified professional educators with many years of higher education and certifications that require extensive professional development and continuing education. They have invested in learning all that they can so they can help students with research-based best practices.

NRICH Tutoring is committed to doing what is best for each student and we will not recommend more sessions than we think are necessary. We typically "graduate" students with dyslexia when they are reading at grade level; however, some families decide to have them continue to learn more advanced concepts, to keep their skills sharp, and to have enrichment.

From the mother of a third grader:

My daughter is excited to go to tutoring every week because of how fun learning is with Dr. Judie. The confidence she has gained over time from her one-on-one mentoring is noticed not only by us as her parents but her extended family and teachers as well. It is so rewarding to see more of the Ah-ha! moments rather than the head drop, "I don't know how."

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Initial assessment, internal use - cost covered by session fees 

  • Requires 2 or more sessions

  • Literacy Assessments may include CTOPP-3, PAST, QRI, TOWRE-2, TORC-4, DAR, or other

  • Math Assessments may include Numeracy Screener, Dyscalculia Assessment (Emerson & Babtie), or other


Assessment with written report - $200-300

  • Requires 2-4 sessions plus writing time

  • May include above assessments

  • KTEA-3 available for additional cost (literacy and/or math); additional time needed

*Assessments are not for diagnosis of dyslexia or dyscalculia but can be utilized as evidence for evaluation by school officials, teachers, and medical professionals.

Rates subject to change.

Rates current 1 June 2023.

Group Rates
Small groups, classes, or clubs have various rates so please check the class you are interested in for the cost for each participant.

Contact Dr. Judie at NRICH Tutoring for a Free Consultation!*

*A free consultation is a conversation (15-30 minutes) by phone, email, Zoom, or in-person. This no-cost, no-obligation consultation is often followed by an evaluation of the student. An evaluation is typically 1-2 sessions, with fees ranging from $60 to $120 for those who sign up for tutoring. Evaluations are for internal use and are not for diagnosis of any learning disability.

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