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Learning is Engaging and Effective with 1:1 Online or In-Person Tutoring 


NRICH Tutoring sessions are online with Zoom meetings. We can work with students anywhere in the U.S! Contact us if your child struggles with reading or math, or just needs support with their work while they are at home. We use games and other interactive learning techniques to keep students engaged. If your child struggled with online classes, please know that 1:1 online tutoring is much different than online classroom learning.​

In-Person Tutoring at our New Richmond, Wisconsin location:

One-on-one Tutoring in a private office provides support to meet the needs of students, while using safety measures to provide a healthy learning environment. We have lots of games and activities to engage students, as well as ball chairs and fidgets to help kids focus. All supplies that students need are provided with individual bins to store them in. Students working on school assignments can bring their work in for help; Chromebooks are available for logging onto online homework assignments. 

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Literacy Tutoring Space
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Contact Dr. Judie at NRICH Tutoring
for a Free Consultation!*

*A free consultation is a conversation (15-30 minutes) by phone, email, Zoom, or in-person. This no-cost, no-obligation consultation is often followed by an evaluation of the student. An evaluation is typically 1-2 sessions, with fees ranging from $60 to $120 for those who sign up for tutoring. Evaluations are for internal use and are not for diagnosis of any learning disability.
10 Reasons the U.S. Education System is Failing

"Time spent in the classroom is simply not enough for teachers to instruct every student, to teach them what they need to know. There must, inevitably, be some interaction outside school hours."  

- Matthew Lynch, 8/27/15

COVID-Slide is a Real
Worry for Educators and

Online school or school at home followed by summer off from school may have some detrimental and long-term effects on student achievement. 

Two-Thirds of Parents Admit They Can't Help Their Children With School Homework Because It's Too Hard

Half of parents admit Googling for help when their children are not looking. 


-Ollie Gillman 1/11/15

Don't worry - just call NRICH Tutoring Services at 715-246-0008 for help today!

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