Resources in the NRICH Lending Library

Resources to Download

There are hundreds of books for all reading levels and interests available for students to check out from the NRICH lending library. Reading should be enjoyable so there will be no tests to take when done reading - be sure to have a chance to discuss the books with your child because good readers get better by talking about what they read.

Children's Literature
Informational Text

It is important to read informational text and non-fiction books, as well as fiction. These books appeal to students' interests and can significantly increase subject-specific knowledge and vocabulary. There are hundreds of non-fiction and informational texts available for reading during sessions and for checking out.

Books for Grades 5-12+

Young Adult and middle level literature is available on a variety of topics.

Books for Parents/Guardians

Parents and guardians may like to check out some of the resources on learning and child development.

Culture Kits

Culture Kits for more than 50 different cultures or countries are available for students to use for school projects or for area teachers to check out for their classroom. Learn about cultures around the world by exploring everyday objects that may be similar or different from your own culture. 

History Kits

History Kits are also available for students and teachers. There are kits relating to the Native American Imagery, Revolutionary War, Writing the U.S. Constitution, Pioneer Life, the US Civil War and Slavery, Immigration, Transportation, Mystery Objects from the Past, Dolls from Around the World, as well as Wisconsin Past, Wisconsin Wildlife, and Wisconsin Agriculture. A lock-box activity kit can be adapted for many subjects.

Kits may be checked out for 2 weeks; a refundable deposit of $5 is required.