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Homeschoolers and Virtual Learners 

If you are new to homeschooling or a veteran, if you are enrolled in a virtual school or virtually learning part-time, NRICH Tutoring can support your home studies. You can schedule time during the school day (or after) to address any concerns or any subject that you cannot tackle yourself. Our small groups will provide enrichment activities in literature, social studies, math, and science. Check back to see new offerings, which will change each month. If you would like to suggest a topic we could cover or have a group of students who are ready to work together but just need a teacher, let us know and we can set something up!


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COVID-19 Info

School Concerns

We are all anxious about sending our precious children to school in the middle of a pandemic. Kids want to go back but the socialization they crave won't be happening with social distancing - no lunch together, no recess games, no talking in the halls, desks spread apart. It will not be normal for some time. If we worry about our kids being left behind, well, all the kids are in the same boat. If the kids are doing school virtually, how can we watch and help them from home when we have to work from home at the same time? We've been there, done that --it was not good for many of us. When the kids go back to school, many will find they are indeed behind and it may affect their attitude toward school or certain school subjects. 


One thing that we can do to help our kids feel more normal is to find support that we help them feel more confident about their schoolwork. We can find other caring adults, such as tutors, who are able to meet with them one-on-one to discuss their feelings and to help them get on track with their academics. Often, the biggest issue for struggling students is their reading ability. We can work with you to help your children who are struggling with reading or math, or their schoolwork in general.

We have one-on-one tutoring options (online or in-person) and small groups to address concepts that you may have difficulty explaining to your children (such as fractions, decimals). The small groups will allow some socializing so that can help kids feel more comfortable. 

In these times of uncertainty, please know that there are many people in the community who are ready and able to help you and your children. You are not alone - we are in this together!

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